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A guide to Gophering at Auchi 2014

So you’ve arrived at Auchi. You’ve registered. You’ve circled the times on your schedule for all those awesome, amazing events you just have to attend. You marvel at the breadth of entertainment on offer. "How do they do it?" you wonder to yourself. How can the committee put on so many various and wonderful events? There’s only like – ten of them, right?

Right, dearest congoer, and that’s where you come in.

Bring and Buy event!

Due to popular demand, we at Auchi have managed to squeeze a Bring and Buy into this year’s schedule!
For those of you who have yet to experience a Bring and Buy, the event does exactly what it says on the tin! This event gives attendees the opportunity to sell any of their old merchandise or maybe pick up a few new pieces for their collection! The Bring and Buy is a strictly used items sales event with no traders or knock-off merchandise allowed.

Weiss Schwarz, The Anime Trading Card Game Is Coming To Auchi!


Ever wanted to play a card game based around your favourite anime? Well now could be your chance!

Calling All Cosplayers - Masquerade Registration Now Open!

Cosplay has been a huge part of Auchinawa right from the start; with our final event upon us we want to celebrate your cosplay throughout our eight-year run.

Auchinawa 2010 Masquerade Winners - Photography by Nert

Do you have any cosplay photos you want to show off? Especially photos from Auchinawas past? Send them in to and we’ll make sure you’re part of our celebration in the Cosplay HQ!

Registrations closing in 30 days!

A quick reminder to all of you who have yet to buy a ticket for Auchinawa 2014 that the deadline for purchase is November 7th! Tickets will not be available after this time and you cannot purchase them at the convention itself.

If you are still undecided whether to attend then here’s a roundup of everything that is included in our weekend pass, with many more events still to be announced:

  • Your personalised convention badge with your name on it and lanyard to display it:

Auchi Guest - Princess Peachie

Auchinawa is happy to announce a new guest for the Kawaii fans among you.

Princess Peachie

Princess Peachie is known across Youtube and social media as a lifestyle and kawaii fashion guru. Her fun, friendly videos make Kawaii life approachable and accessible whilst her dedicated following love her for her contributions to the Lolita community and open and honest representation of herself and her chosen lifestyle.

Win a free weekend pass to Auchinawa 2014!

Our mascot haggis character illustrated with text - Competition Time. Win a weekend ticket to Auchinawa 2014.

Hi everyone! We hope you had a great time at Glasgow Comic Con and are looking forward to the next big event on the geek calendar, Auchinawa!

*throws confetti*

The Tragic Tale of Mr Cloppy

We at Auchinawa would like to share with you a story. It’s a good story. A heart-warming story. Possibly even a true story.

It’s a story about a horse.

This horse – let’s call him, I dunno, Mr Cloppy. Well, Mr Cloppy has run a few races in his time; he’s a prize thoroughbred. A winner. But time has taken its toll on Mr Cloppy, and now he knows the end is near. He’s heard the whispering and knows that at the end of this race... well, we all know where PVA comes from.

So does Mr Cloppy.

Alasdair Watson Cosplay Photobooth at Auchinawa 2014!

Alasdair Watson Cosplay Photography
@Bekumura Cosplay and @Kyahri Cosplay as Panty and Stocking.

My name's Alasdair Watson and I'll be attending Auchinawa this year as photographer, bringing my
cosplay photobooth along with me.

I've been a photographer in Glasgow for years, and I've been part of the cosplay community here for

UK39 Finale: Hatsune Miku & Friends, Live in Glasgow (Fan made event)

Some of you may have already seen the news on their Facebook page, but we can happily confirm the rumours.

Get your glowsticks ready and prepare to dance your heart out as Hatsune Miku arrives in Scotland!
Brought to you by Miku-UK this event is a mixture of live-band - UK39 - and holographic projection, bringing Miku and her friends on stage for one night only.

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