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Cosplay Registration Form

This is a test Cosplay Registration Form... you may enter a description here, or anything like this. Note that we can either have this setup to logged in or not -- however you may want to add a description here of how to log in, if the person isn't logged in.

Note that I am making this form "log in only" just to make sure that it works.

Win a free weekend pass to Auchinawa 2014!

Our mascot haggis character illustrated with text - Competition Time. Win a weekend ticket to Auchinawa 2014.

Hi everyone! We hope you had a great time at Glasgow Comic Con and are looking forward to the next big event on the geek calendar, Auchinawa!

*throws confetti*

The Tragic Tale of Mr Cloppy

We at Auchinawa would like to share with you a story. It’s a good story. A heart-warming story. Possibly even a true story.

It’s a story about a horse.

This horse – let’s call him, I dunno, Mr Cloppy. Well, Mr Cloppy has run a few races in his time; he’s a prize thoroughbred. A winner. But time has taken its toll on Mr Cloppy, and now he knows the end is near. He’s heard the whispering and knows that at the end of this race... well, we all know where PVA comes from.

So does Mr Cloppy.

Alasdair Watson Cosplay Photobooth at Auchinawa 2014!

Alasdair Watson Cosplay Photography
@Bekumura Cosplay and @Kyahri Cosplay as Panty and Stocking.

My name's Alasdair Watson and I'll be attending Auchinawa this year as photographer, bringing my
cosplay photobooth along with me.

I've been a photographer in Glasgow for years, and I've been part of the cosplay community here for

UK39 Finale: Hatsune Miku & Friends, Live in Glasgow (Fan made event)

Some of you may have already seen the news on their Facebook page, but we can happily confirm the rumours.

Get your glowsticks ready and prepare to dance your heart out as Hatsune Miku arrives in Scotland!
Brought to you by Miku-UK this event is a mixture of live-band - UK39 - and holographic projection, bringing Miku and her friends on stage for one night only.

Auchinawa needs you!

In the run up to the event the committee will become increasingly busy, so rather than neglecting our fancy new website we would love to populate it with your marvellous content.

This is a call out for convention articles, thoughts about the anime scene, interesting experiences, original artwork, photos of your favourite Auchi memories and anything else you would like to supply us with. Running a related event you’d like to promote? Let us know!

This is your convention. Time to take it back!

Auchinawa presents - Indie Games in Scotland Interactive Exhibition

As part of Auchinawa's commitment to promoting Scottish creative talent at this years event, we are excited to introduce a series of events and panels devoted to digital game development in our country.

Fear Escape

Strange news everyone! A new event entitled “Fear Escape” has appeared in our schedule for the Auchinawa weekend, hosted by a source we know only by his alias, Dr Fear.

Thinking it was some sort of spam, we deleted the post, but barely seconds later it reappeared. The committee’s phones rang simultaneously and on answering the call were met with a chilling, yet well-spoken voice whispering hoarsely: “Do not attempt that again”.

Marshmallow Dreams – Serving cakes and challenging stereotypes!

The Marshmallow Dreams logo

The maid café is a long standing placement at any convention, often taking on a different name or theme but still remaining a much anticipated event in the convention schedule. This year Auchinawa is hosting one of Scotland’s first Maid Café teams, the girls at Marshmallow Dreams, to run our maid café event.

I recently arranged to sit down with teacakes and Earl Grey to speak to head maid, 23 year old Keara.

Hotel Room Bookings Now Available!

We're happy to announce that hotel rooms are now available to book for Auchinawa attendees. Fully-paid attendees can access the booking link by visiting their Registrations page.

The discount rates for attendees are as follows:

Single occupancy – £99 per night
Double occupancy – £109 per night (£54.50 per person)
Triple occupancy – £119 per night (£39.60 per person)
Quadruple occupancy - £129 per night (£32.25 per person)

Full details on booking your room can be found via the booking link.

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